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The Assam Tea Plantation Provident Fund and Pension Fund Scheme is currently providing services to 9,84,455 (as on 31-03-2017) members. All the employees of a plantation or a tea factory receiving monthly salary upto Rs. 15000/- p.m. and daily wages worker are eligible from the very 1st day of their works to become member of the scheme and entitle to P.F. benefit. The employees contributes @ 12% of their wages including dearness allowances, value of food concessions and amount received for plucking tea leaves. The employer contribute at the same rate. It is the duty of the employer to deduct the contributions from the employee and deposit the collected amount alongwith his own share of contribution into the Board's Account within 30 days. If any employer fails to deposit the said amount of P.F. contribution within the prescribed time limit, loss of interest @15% p.a. is charged on that employer for the defaulting period. The members Provident Fund deposits are credited with interest at the rate declared by the Board every year

  • To receive Provident Fund contribution from employees and employers @ 12% respectively.
  • To provide Provident Fund advances on the grounds like Marriage or death ceremony, medical treatment, Higher/ Technical Education, Economic hardships, House building advance etc
  • To settle a members Provident Fund account on retirement, termination, ceased etc.

The Pension Scheme came into force in 1968. This pension is paid after retirement and resignation of the P.F. members. As per recent amendment of Pension rules framed under Para 42 of the ATPPF & PF Scheme 1968, a member is entitled to full pensionary benefit if he/she retire at the age of 58 years with a minimum period of service 10 years. In the event of cessation of membership after 50 years and before 58 years, the pension benefits are paid as per prescribed schedule.

The Family Pension Scheme came into force with effect from 01-04-1972. This pension is paid on the death of the member while in service. In the event of death of a member while in service, subject to completion of one year of membership in Provident Fund, the widow/widower/son/daughter as the case may be paid family pension benefit @ Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1500/- p.m. depending on the amount of PF balance at credit at the time of death of the member, along with a lumpsum amount of Rs. 2000/-. The payee(spouse) shall continue to enjoy the benefit till death or remarriage or attainment of age of 18 years in respect of son and 21 years in respect of unmarried daughter. If the payee was minor at the time of death of the member, legal guardian of the minor payee is allowed to draw the amount of family pension money on behalf of minor payee.

This scheme came into force with effect from 1st February, 1984. This Scheme is applicable to all PF members under the Assam Tea Plantation Provident Fund Scheme. In the event of death of an employee who is a member of the PF Scheme with a minimum PF balance of Rs. 1000/- at credit, the nominee is paid the assurance benefit under the scheme equal to the amount of balance in the deceased members PF account subject to Rs. 50,000/- (minimum) and Rs. 1,00,000/- (maximum).

The Assam Tea Employees Provident Fund Organization, the only institutionalized social security cover to the tea garden workers of Assam which came into force w.e.f. 12th Sept.1955 have now passed over more than sixty years of existence with success . in quality and quantity in providing social security to its members. A Journey through a bumpy and thorny road of resistance to a flat pitch, the scheme have an unique experience in turst and security. After introduction of Provident Fund Scheme in 12th Sept. 1955, a series of legislation have followed with added benefits. Presently the following schemes are providing social security benefit to the workers in the tea estates of Assam.

  • Assam Tea Plantations Provident Fund Scheme,1955
  • Pension Scheme,1967
  • Family Pension Scheme,1972
  • Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme,1984

To become a World Class Social Security Organization committed to up-lift the socio- economic conditions of the Tea Workers employed in the Tea Plantations/ Factories of Assam.

  • Our primary mission is to provide wide range of social security benefit to the tea garden workers and employees working in the state of Assam.
  • To extend coverage of benefits under different schemes under Assam Tea Employees Provident Fund Organisation to all workers in the Tea Plantation/ Factories.
  • This organisation is committed to provide an efficient and convenient system to ensure that employers meet their responsibility and moral obligations of contributing to the ATEPFO for their employees.
  • To provide timely services for settlement of claims etc.